Monday, September 3, 2018

Lady Moon

The moon tarot card takes place with the hero of our journey(you) on the path to enlightenment. It symbolizes the path we take, and the bleakest hour and darkest night of the soul. All things we see are subjective to the place we are at on our journey. If we look at the path in the picture, the eyes are looking up. During our darkest times, the best way to stay grounded is to look up to a higher power. Looking only up can make it challenging to navigate what is directly around us but it is necessary. Just like the placement of the eyes in this picture, our past experience dictates how we view life. This isn't a new concept, but a hard one to change. The sky is dark of course, it's night time. The symbolism here is the hero requires faith in themselves and in nature. There is a great deal of courage and hope needed. Without courage how will the hero make it? How will he navigate his path without trusting, taking a leap of faith, trusting intuition and moving forward?

What if we could change our view at any point to see a new perspective or multiple perspectives at the same time? Changing a viewpoint is more than just empathy. While empathy is great, it doesn't change how we see things, only how we relate to how other people view situations. For me, Tarot, and asking the oracle, or love or God, is the only way I have found to view life differently than how I was raised to see it.

The first step to any change is recognizing our take on the world isn't the only one valuable. Take the stars for example, the stars can be seen from all points of the sky. Neither view point is the correct way to see the stars. All view points and all ways to get somewhere are equally as valuable and all lead the end destination.

Following the path of our intuition is always the quickest way to our destination. In the picture above the eyes are our intuition. they see all multiple views of the sky at the same time and they lead to a direct path to the Oracle.  The hero in this story is able to see all at once but how overwhelming would that be to see and feel everything at once? This is the card Carl Jung refereed to as the Shadow self. Our self illusions or perspectives make it hard to see the end of our path. Recognizing these illusions and lifting preconceptions make way for a much needed change on perspectives.

                                    The best analogy I have found for Lady moon is:
She gathers unto herself all the discarded memories and forgotten dreams of mankind. These she stores in her silver cup until dawn. Then at first light, all these forgotten dreams and neglected memories are returned to earth as moon sap or dew. mingled with the tears of the moon, this dew nourishes and refreshes all on earth. Through the compassionate care of the moon goddess, nothing of value is lost to man. - S. Nichols

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ride of our lives

I find one of the most fascinating aspects of human development.  Card #7, The Chariot. This is our vehicle for  self -discovery. Inner and outward journey.  It helps us to win wars and go to the grocery store. Takes us to places that make us who we are and will be. Lucky number seven. Seven is the number of:
 -colors of the rainbow 
 -there are seven chakras
-in monastic mediation there are seven rays that make up the basis for healing. 

         Why pick the chariot for the seventh card in the tarot? This card is all about helping us reach our highest self. In my book that's the focus on life itself, why we are here. 

One of the most famous uses of the chariot in history is with Ezekiel and the fiery chariot. There is little context around what Ezekiel was up to when the chariot appeared. The text says the hand of the Lord was upon him, which to put it plainly,  means it was his turn. We all get turns with the chariot on our journey to self discovery. Ours may not seem as dramatic as Ezekiel's was, but maybe we just aren't paying close enough attention.  The vessel emanates the energy of the universe itself. Call that energy the Holy Spirit, A higher power, Mother nature, it's all the same thing. To sit and squabble over naming the power only causes us to miss it when it arrives. The chariot goes fast. There are beasts pulling it, not animals, beasts.  The dude riding it is sometimes oblivious to the fact that he is on a ride taking him to self individualization. We can thank acceleration due to gravity for that one. 

The internet: 
We don't have to wait for the chariot to come around. We can indulge in self discovery at any time. The tarot, and life is not linear. It is a flow of whatever we need it to be. Right now, I am using my chariot, the internet to help me reach my highest potential. A flash of light as the monitor turns on, the fan turning like a wheel and beasts everywhere. She takes me to unknown places. Where will I go today?